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MSXNation Member Produces "Smooth Nights" with MSXII Drums

Posted on 01 June 2015


MSXNation member Demetrius Boykin [@Da_Nicest] uses our Sammich Kit 5 and Dusty Drums to produce an incredible joint called, "Smooth Nights."  Here's what he had to say about working on the track:

"In the words of Russell Simmons "The realest thing that you could do is just put a drum beat, with nothing but a drum beat..." 

That's the way I approach layering/stacking of drums. I'll just browse through my drum folders till I find a sound that inspires. In this case, it was in one of the !LLMIND Blapkit folders. There's a tambourine loop in Vol 5 that I've been wanting to use, so I started with that. I then found some kicks in Vol 1 and the snare in Vol 6 and the hihats from Vol 5. I laid down the main drum pattern, but I felt it wasn't hitting hard enough so I opened up my MSXII folder. I believe the Dusty Drums 2 had just come out and I was auditioning the sounds while the drum pattern was going. The K1A, S11, H11, and H14 sounded right with the drums I already had going. I'm kind of obsessed with having my drum patterns feel like drum breaks, and the H11 and H14 really helped in that regard.
Once I had the drums figured out I opened up Sampletank 3 and found an Organ preset that I liked. Played around in Chord Set mode (in the key of Bmi) on the Maschine hardware (my fav feature) 'till I found a progression that I liked. I opened up a few more instances of Sampletank and got Bass Guitar preset and some Electric Guitar presets that I liked. I ended up using Guitar Rig amp modeling on the guitars. The bell sound is a Reaktor Prism preset called Alloy."
Instagram - @dmeetris_bykn
Twitter - @da_nicest


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