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MSXII Squad Tone Jonez Launches

MSXII Squad Tone Jonez Launches


MSXII Sound Designer and producer extraordinaire Tone Jonez launches The Tone Jonez Academy! In addition to his beat selling portfolio and mixing/mastering services, Tone Jonez is now offering production courses helping both seasoned & budding  music producers take their game to the next level. The launch features an educational approach to Finishing Your Beats as well as an Academy Membership that will feature exclusive courses, training, and content.

Details below:





If you're tired....


  • ❌ Tired of struggling to complete your beat ideas
  • ❌ Tired of struggling to achieve professional quality beat mixes and arrangements
  • ❌ Tired of struggling to sell your beats online or tired of being lost on how to sell beats online
  • 🚀 Get the Finish your Beats Now Masterclass today!


Become a monthly member and get the following:


  •  4+ Hours of Powerful Production Gems (Over 30 Videos) 
  •  Creating Beat Concepts Module (7 videos all about creating beat concepts from scratch).
  •  Finishing Beats Now Module (16 videos detailing my full process of turning multiple beat concepts into sonically polished beats that sell 💰).
  •  Bonus Tips Video Module (Video sharing 10 of my personal tips and tricks to achieve quality results)
  • ✅ Expanded Beat Mixing Module (3 videos showcasing me mixing beats from other talented producers)
  • ✅ Sell Beats Now Masterclass (5 videos fully detailing how I've built my 7 figure online beat business)
  •  Lifetime Access!


About Tone Jonez


10+ Years of Success 🏆

Since 2011, I've supported my family 100% from creating and selling my beats online! Here's a few wins I've had along the way:

  • Being a top earner for 10+ years and being the top earning producer of all time on major beat selling platform Airbit
  • 2x Grammy Nominations
  • 1x Grammy Win
  • Joining powerhouse sound design company MSXAUDIO and working on amazing projects for some of your favorite music software/hardware companies (Image Line, Native Instruments, Akai, Korg, etc)
  • Flown out to Europe twice to teach producers my production/business strategies at the Airbit producer retreat and SAE UK!
  • and much more!

I've achieved ALL of this by creating top quality music consistently and letting my gift make room for itself! (not by using scammy get rich quick "secrets" smh) 

If I don't know anything else, I know how to finish beats that get results!


Get lifetime access and transform your beats today for only one payment of $97!

Click the button to get started now!


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