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Bboytech Report Modular Workflow

Bboytech Report Modular Workflow


Our fam Corry Banks, aka the mastermind behind, recently shot over some jams using our Sammich Kits.  He had some great things to say about Sammich Kit 3 specifically and how he's using it in conjunction with his dope modular set up.  We thought, "why not let him share his thoughts?"  So, peep his insight and stay up!  Enjoy! 

I wanted to incorporate modular into my self proclaimed brand of SynthBap. But the key is to make certain the drums bang! So I wanted to be sure that the track was anchored by MSX Audio drums.

One of my go to kits is THE SAMMICH KIT 3-BOOMBAP EDITION. I literally keep this kit on deck in the MPC Ren daily. It gives that boom-bap gritty weight that I need to counter-balance the heavy synth influence in my beats.  THE SAMMICH KIT 3-BOOMBAP EDITION tends to keep it apparent that "This is Hip-Hop!"

So, I recently built my modular system and every night I patch up a few modules and tweak out. This particular night I patched the Make Noise STO (VCO) into Mutable Instruments WARPS (meta-modulator in delay mode) with a couple of other utilities patched in. Finally I sent Warps into Intellijel Rainmaker (16 tap stereo spectral rhythm delay and comb resonator) to take advantage of some of those crazy ethereal overtones and textures.

used the Elektron Analog 4 to send CV to STO. From the A4 the arp was enabled to cycle thru the notes as I play. I used the prophet 6 to actually play the notes from the STO Arps.

Although, I'm learning Push2 I took a break for this track to use the MPC Ren because I can navigate it quicker at this point. It was easier for me to capture the inspiration on the REN because I know that ZONE inside out right now.

At any rate, I set the midi channel on my Ren to control track 6 on my A4 (the modular CV track). I played a few bars, sampled the audio and chopped it up. I did that a few times with different melodies. In some cases the chops are a full bar to 4 bars (which are more like phrases). These modular phrases are possible because the entire modular system is tempo synched to the MPC using the Make Noise Tempi module.

I then played the chops like samples from vinyl. But once I dropped THE SAMMICH KIT 3-BOOMBAP EDITION in the sequence, it instantly boomed and bapped! It came alive right away (in that neck snap back sort of way).

From there I began to take to outer space a bit by adding a few of parts from the prophet 6 (pads) with the anchor bass line from the A4. Once I had a groove (saved and dropped an IG vid lol) I set up the arrangement for song mode. Then I went back to each of the 3 variations and recorded vox samples for flavor and some mutes, solos and drops. I used the mutes like an instrument, playing the pads in MUTE mode while recording the automation so the layers dance in and out of the sequence.

Adding the modular to the mix was the same as taking a samples from vinyl for me. The difference is that it's all original and it gives the beat a spacey next level feeling. But I cant emphasis enough how much weight THE SAMMICH KIT 3-BOOMBAP EDITION adds to the beat itself.

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