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  • The Synth Immaculate 5

The Synth Immaculate 5

This product is only available in our Classic Era Bundle.

Analog synth heads! MSXII Sound Design is proud to present another installment of one of our favorite sample libraries. The Synth Immaculate 5 contains some true rarities of the synth world.  We spent some time gathering unique sounds, stereo pulsations and dissonance from an Oberheim polysynth, with 4 modular modes. All tuned with slight variations to give active aural movements when panned stereo, or played in chords.  With the Moog Taurus II we've provided some low, gritty notes for you to run under your mixes.
Your lead lines will passionately characterize any jam from Moog The Rogue we've capture. These sounds sweeten any record!
Finally, the Mellotron. True analog tape with live instruments dedicated to each key on this keyboard. Don't know where you've heard one before [Find The Beatles: Strawberry Fields]? This particular instrument contains, string bass, strings and horns. It excells at two simultaneous at one key press--giving it a complete ensemble feel, with that tape warmth.

Kit Features:

  • 487MB (before zip)of sampled sounds from vintage analog synths
  • Sampled every 3rd note up the keyboard
  • Sample library is ideal for unique mapping and structuring for creating custom patches
  • Bonus Dave Smith Tempest Drums
  • Partners well with other Synth Immaculate series kits and MSXII Drums (Sammich Kits, Dusty Drums, etc.)
  • Compatible with all DAWs and hardware samplers that accept .wav format

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