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  • Rhodes and Vibes 2

Rhodes and Vibes 2

This product is only available in our Classic Era Bundle.

Considered by most as a classic, MSXII Sound Design is proud to present The Rhodes and Vibes 2 composition kit!  The kit stays true to it's predecessor--providing the end user with both the classically mixed .wav file sample and compositional stem breakdown of each instrument.  Once again, our Fender Rhodes 73 and a Deagan Model 510 Vibraharp (1952) are the only two pieces of gear involved.  MSXII captures incredible musical moments that sound like they're from vinyl records to give you that warm, analog texture you desire within your production.  Partnered with incredible musicianship and creativity, this kit (again) will keep you inspired and spending less time with writer's block.  Cop the MSXII Rhodes and Vibes 2 compositional kit now!

The kit features:

  • Authentic Fender Rhodes 73 original MSXII compositions in .wav format
  • 1952 Deagan Model 510 Vibraharp original MSXII compositions in .wav format
  • Stems offered each composition
  • Hassle free sample clearance
  • 282 mb download after zip
  • All hardware sampler and software DAW compatible with .wav format

As always, peep the demo for the kit.  We start the medley with "One", a composition in the kit, and create a beat based upon that sample after chopping it up and flipping it!

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