Stutter Effect Suggestion

Apr 22, 2020 - 8:30 PM

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  • I was wondering if there could be a way to implement the changing of the Stutter speed mid way through the live performance of the Fly Tape, other than double tapping the stutter button.I think it would be a good idea to make some sort of separate button or something that would allow for there to be a way to change to a different speed if there’s room on the app.

    Main reason being that when you record a Stutter and want to change Stutter speed, you need to double tap as you all know (or use the AUM knobs, which wouldn’t be my preference). Double tapping the button effects the performance due to recording and having to tap the Stutter button mid performance. Might be cool to make this a separate button so the double tap doesn’t effect the performance. Just a suggestion :)

  • Yo! Almost missed this since we've been knee deep with Chomplr & Bake testing. A Fly Tape update is on the roadmap, but at the moment, we've got to get through the other apps first. I'm thinking we'll do a full rewrite of the app to add a few features I'd like to see. Latch/hold, maybe a diff UX for opening menus etc. I'll def keep you posted, but please know it's def on the roadmap fam! Hope you're well bro!

  • Wow that’s some good news about Fly tape latch/hold mode. This feature has been requested a lot. Keep up the good work guys. Stay safe

  • Thanks for the response! Definitely looking forward to the update when it comes up!

  • Yessssir!