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Who Is Knesecary? - Interview with GFX Authority Clinton "Knesecary" Williams

Who Is Knesecary? - Interview with GFX Authority Clinton "Knesecary" Williams


If you've been around the MSXII camp for any amount of time, you've probably noticed that we take great pride in conveying an overall message with not only our sound, but our visual aesthetic as well. Today, we'd like for you to know a bit about our guy, MSXII in-house GFX designer, Clinton "Knesecary" Williams. From artwork covers, to motion graphics, UI & UX, to photography, cinematography, to music production, and raps...there is no one more skilled than Knes. The self-taught guru chatted with us for a brief look into how he got his start, some cool things he's seeing in the GFX game today, his work with us, and much more! 


1. Can you tell our readers a bit about who you are, where you're from, and how you first got into graphic design?

I’m Clinton Williams, a mild-mannered, artistically expressive kid from Dallas,TX. I’ve always been into Graphic Design since my youth. It came from being in the house creating mock up covers for my imaginary albums at 8 or 9 years of age. So, naturally when I grew a bit older and started doing music, I would create covers for my projects with the help of my guy Chris Strong introducing me to Photoshop.

2. When & how did you link up with MSXII Sound Design? How has it been being apart of the entire process and seeing it blossom into what it is today?

I think it was maybe around 2010/2011. I actually met Mike during the Stompboxx Music days. I think we got linked thru a mutual friend named Picnic, but we immediately connected on some music work. I started doing some artwork for some Stompboxx projects. It has most certainly been a blessing and huge learning experience building with the team. I’ve actually learned a lot from Mike just observing how he handles aspects of the brand likes tips for SEO, Email blast, Merchandising, etc. Those bits of information and ideas that get shared are motivating as hell, lol! So ,it’s definitely inspiring to see what MSXII has developed to become so far.

3. Can you tell us a little bit about your creative art direction here? How does the process start and what does it entail for you? 

So yea, I’m pretty much the man behind these cool covers for the kits & projects you guys enjoy! I'm highly appreciative of the love the people show. I try to keep a unique aesthetic for each different kit series--one that ties into the overall classically vintage, yet clean look for the brand. Our process is pretty simple and streamlined! Mike hits me with an idea for a new kit along with a vision on what he would like it to feel like and I pretty much go from there. Fortunately, we’ve been working together for awhile that we’ve sorta developed signature aesthetic for the brand so that makes it 10x easier.



Beyond bananas. Dope gold vibes for the Sammich Kit 10 release.


4. Over the years, what have been some of the most fun, worthwhile projects you've worked on here? Can you tell us a little bit about that process and why it was dope?

Hmm, I naturally enjoy just being able to create so all of it is definitely fun. I can say though; creating the covers for the Lofi Melodics series & Loops from 1984 are probably the most interesting! They're just freeing. The whole collage element with nostalgic pieces from my youth--and being able to express that on the covers. Man! You never know; I might just drop a 50ft Ninja Gaiden Nintendo game cartridge in a 16-bit Contra background. All with an MPC 3000 in Ryu’s hand! That’s really random, but sounds mega fun right? Haha!



VHS. Tape Machines & Vinyl...with Birds & Roses? Yes indeed! Lofi Melodics 9 art direction.


Everything we loved from the 80's. Atari, old school Beamers, Terminator, and zap zap graphics! The Loops from 1984 series aesthetic.


5. What tools have you seen in the industry lately that can really up the game of those in the graphic design game? 

I'm really impressed with what Apple is doing with this new iPad Pro. That device is definitely the now and the future. The sheer ability of the apps they are developing for it are crazy. Just being able to be extremely mobile with it and have the full power of Photoshop & Lightroom on the go. Wow! Makes working way more efficient and it’s just mega convenient. I also do photography as well so being able to edit right there, moments after I fire the shutter for the perfect shot, is Heaven.


6. 10 years from now, where do you see yourself and what tools do you think will be available to help make this happen? 

I can see it 10 years from now not just myself, but us all running more successful businesses...all from an iPad Pro. Maybe the iPad Pro 9 or X. Maybe an iPad Pro, connected to a 3d printer building the future!


7. Any word of advice for those looking to get into graphic design now? What pitfalls should they avoid? Any disciplines they should undertake to enhance their game (degrees/online training etc)?

First off hone your craft and study the business you want to be in. Those are prerequisites. If you have the financial backing and want to attend a college or Art Institute for some learning, do it. There's nothing wrong with that. In attending institutes of the sort, it places you around likeminded individuals. It's always a plus to be able to network and collaborate with other creatives. If you don’t have the finances, fret not my good people. You have this brilliant University [that I’m a proud alum of called Youtube lol!] Also, there are 2 books I'd recommend you buy and indulge into strongly. The first one us by Douglas Davis titled, “Creative Strategy and the Business of Design.” This book is pretty much a bridge for taking what you learn at school and applying it to the real world of graphic design. The second book is, “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. This book pushes you to go beyond your typical conventional ways of dealing with clients to yield better results with your designs. I also would most definitely recommend you work with a new, rising company you can grow with. So, if your homie is starting a new restaurant or clothing brand, link with him/her and build from ground up!



8. What are some things you currently are working on? Lastly, where can we find you online? 

Im currently working on my art becoming more tangible. Meaning, more print work or physical pieces being made. I love seeing something that was conceptualized in my mind being manifested into physical form. Something you can hang up or prop up and live with offline. I need timeless artifacts! For now though, you view my work on my portfolio site at: or hit me on IG: @knscryGFX & @Knscry (for Photography). You can also get sonically and visually stimulated with GramJams, also on IG: @Gram_Jams


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