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What's Holding You Back as a Music Producer?

Posted on 23 August 2016

Our fam J Myracks recently spoke on an expert level regarding a key aspect of music production we can ALL relate to.  This one hits home as we've all felt at times that we're stuck in our production, or that we can't go any further, or that we're simply not good enough, etc. However, sometimes these things couldn't be further from the truth! Maybe we need to simply change our mind frame and just get after it. Anyway, we thought this was definitely something that should be heard--so here it is!  

Also, be sure to cop that new read, "The Sound Mind" written by J Myracks available on his site.  It covers NUMEROUS topics in music production such as, basic theory, overcoming beat block, drum programming, time management, sound design and much more.  We copped it and are applying those principles to bring you a more superior product offering.  You should too!  

Download The Sound Mind - Click Here

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