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The MSXIISound MPC Expansion Series with @Malo_Beats

The MSXIISound MPC Expansion Series with @Malo_Beats

Unless you've been under a rock, you've probably run across some new dope MPC videos by the fam @Malo_Beats. Malo has been on a run lately educating the masses on how he gets down on the MPC using outboard gear, deep diving into the platform, and showing creative, out-the-box workflows that are quickly becoming a sticking point for his channel. 


Recently, we've linked up with Malo to introduce you all to our entire Akai MPC Expansion line up. This series features a deep dive into how to get the most out of what we've given the community with our expansions here alongside our friends at Akai. Make no mistake about it, this is beyond educational! We hope you'll extract even more value from this series and level up with us! Check them below & be sure to subscribe to Malo's channel! 


 Tape Series 

Soul Provider & Vintage Provider  

 Soul Provider 2

Soul Provider 3

Gold Dust


Be sure to download each of these MSXIISound MPC Expansions - Click Here

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