Michael Simpson (aka MSimp) is a music app maker and one of the most in-demand sound designers in the world.

You’ve heard his sounds on the radio, in Super Bowl commercials, and even in the official sounds for industry-standard Ableton and Native Instruments apps (and hardware).

Additionally, his company MSXII has already released two incredible apps: 

Lo-Fly Dirt and Fly Tape.

MSimp sat down with us to share his thoughts on the future of iOS Music. And he gives you tips on how to get started making apps and even how to make your music sound better.


0:40 What inspired you to build apps
1:46 Is iOS Music Production ready for the mainstream?
3:34 What will it take for more people to dive in to iOS production?
4:50 Hip hop community has embraced iOS music making at the professional level
5:28 Creating official Ableton packs
6:45 MSimp reveals his Secret to Success
7:28 Advice for Creating Apps?
9:45 MSimp describes  Lo-Fly Dirt & Fly Tape
12:44 Dang! Making apps is hard
14:54 Getting rich off of App Development
15:57 Working on a new app?
18:14 Desktop VSTs in your future?
21:13 Tips to make iOS Mixes sound better
22:43 Lessons learned / Advice for younger self
26:01 Advice for musicians looking to build online following
28:16 Using MSXII desktop soundpacks in BM3 & iOS
31:43 Final Thoughts


Lo-Fly Dirt:

Fly Tape:

Thanks for watching!