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Serato Launches Serato Studio Alongside MSXII Sound Design

Serato Launches Serato Studio Alongside MSXII Sound Design

We've had the distinct honor of working with Serato, assisting with building their new DJ/Producer DAW, Serato Studio. We've helped build the stock library of sounds that Studio ships with. Here is the scoop on Studio [taken from the Serato website]:

DJ-friendly production

Make beats with your DJ hardware and access your entire Serato DJ library. You’ll also get familiar DJ elements like colored waveforms, a mixing channel, and high-quality FX.

Get busy beatmaking

Serato Studio has unique time-saving features such as pre-made drum patterns, free sounds and one-click key shifting. You’ll be able to get your ideas out quickly so you can make more music.

Why Serato Studio?

Get an inside look from the creators of Serato Studio to hear why we made it.

Sign up for the beta here:

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