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Native Instruments Expansion: Sierra Grove

Posted on 10 May 2017

Recently we've teamed up with our friends at Native Instruments and put together what we believe is an incredible addition to the Maschine expansion library.  With Sierra Grove, we sought out to fill gaps in where we thought the current line could benefit, yet still maximize what we do within it's environment.  The results are quite pleasing, although we're a bit biased!

We meticulously multi-sampled tons of instruments; vintage synths, acoustic drums, horns, vibraphones and much more for this project. We then proceeded to record tons and tons of material over the 4 months of working on the project to draw from brand new inspiration. Finally, we captured the magic and cohesiveness from those numerous sessions and jammed packed it into Maschine in a way we thought would best convey it's POWERFUL sampling engine and other features.  

When you get this expansion, you'll see why we've always stood by Native and the Maschine line.  The sampling workflow here is unmatched.  The browsing capability is top notch.  Our expansion, Sierra Grove, looks to highlight these strengths in ways you hopefully haven't considered.  In addition to this, we've created numerous exclusive Massive and Monark presets for you to peep.  Don't sleep on this one.  This is where you will find the next level MSXII stuff.  Cop that like the champ you are and invest in your production!  

Download Sierra Grove here



A bit on the Sierra Grove Recording Process & Gear Info:

Sierra Grove features the warmth of a painstakingly recorded analog signal flow.  Everything from the use of analog instruments such as the Sequential Circuits Prophet ’08, Moog Taurus, Moog Minitaur, Oberheim OBXa, ARP 2600, Theremin, Korg PS-3200, Prophet VS, Fender Rhodes, and more.  Samples were also derived from live performances from world class musicians on instruments such as acoustic drums, the Carvin JB5000 bass guitar, Mellotron, and other types of gear.  All FX were handled by outside pedals namely Moog delays, boost, drive, and low pass filters, Electro Harmonix pitch shifters, JHS, Earthquake devices and more. 

Recordings were handled with the most pristine gear available to us such as Neve Porticos, Old School Audio mic preamplifiers, tracked into SSL Duality 48 channel mixing console, and topped off with various outboard gear such as Manley, Avalon, and Universal Audio.

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