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The MSXII Lo-Fly Dirt App and Why iOS?

The MSXII Lo-Fly Dirt App and Why iOS?


As many of you know, we've recently launched our first app, Lo-Fly Dirt, in the App Store. We're, as of say mid 2017, hard core believers in the iOS platform for pro music production.  However, I wanted to address somethings that keep coming up from numerous users of Lo-Fly Dirt--and even iOS music production bystanders. Why iOS only?


The answer is simple...this has been the future. Think about that...MSXII Sound Design is mad late to the iOS party. So when I say this has been the future, I feel fortunate enough to get my company positioned to play a part in this huge opportunity. I come from a very unique perspective with this. I have kids, who daily, are in the lab with me--toying with hardware vintage synths, outboard gear, pedals, numerous gadgets and devices. One thing that I noticed though is that while the dad in me would love to peak their interest in music & the benefits of studying it, when the iPad comes out, that this isn't very hard to do. There's a natural gravitation with them towards things like Beatmaker 3 and it's 16 pad, MPC style paradigm that comes with LIGHTS on every pad. Or an app like Bebot who brings a cartoon style character to animate the musical movements you give the app. So many more to list so I'll just say it's simply intriguing for them to see this.

So when I look at where I'd like to see my company go, this makes sense. Tech is so good these days. You can hardly tell a VST from a hardware synth sometimes. Now, with these same companies bringing that tech to the mobile side, how PRO does that make mobile music production? Ultra pro. 

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However, peep the differences in costs for us as music producers. We all know hardware, even with the recent pushes by numerous companies to make things much more affordable, can be mad expensive. Additionally, great plugins like UAD can definitely hit the wallet hard as well depending on how deep into an ecosystem you'd like to go. Meanwhile, you can snag an iPad for $350 or so, pick up 5 music apps for another $50, and a dope midi controller to run your situation for another $50-100. Do this and you're literally set! It really makes no sense to me why more of us don't look at it this way. Some desktop software alone will run you $3-500+. So looking at how good the tech is + what you get with iOS and how far it can get you, it's a no brainer in my opinion. 

Sometimes I think the real issue is more of us are not yet willing to shed off old ways of thinking. This is usually the case when things are new to us and challenge our current ways of doing things. Too often we can miss real gems and opportunities that are right in front of us simply because of our mindsets. Will switching up how you've always done things challenge you? Absolutely. Will it be uncomfortable learning new things? Most likely. Will you have to sacrifice time, energy, effort in order to do something new? You bet. However, will it be worth it? I'd say 9 times out of 10.

Yes, music production on a mobile device (tablet or phone) is not widely shown as being "pro." We're still seeing tons of "in the lab" videos with guys sitting behind SSL 4000s etc (most times they're not even using it). I would agree that a lot of iPad based or iPhone based videos for music making are simply to convey mobile music making as a "starting point" or "sketch pad." To me, this has been what's really set my guy Henny apart in his Adventures in Beatmaking series. I'd say you're missing it entirely if you don't think what he's doing is pro. Or check out my bro J Myracks on iOS. He's been giving up keys for the community on his Youtube channel for a while now on the sheer sense of iOS for music making. If you're aiming to do this at the highest levels, look no further. iOS music production has been here.

I say all that to say this, at this time there are no plans release a VST version of Lo-Fly Dirt. We're "gone off that mobile" as you've seen on our Instagram channel. iOS is a great platform, provides tons of opportunity for everyone to make music (who doesn't have an iPhone?), and it's simply fun at the end of the day.

We're ok with that...for now.  We're moving forward and looking ahead to what's next for our community. We are challenging ourselves daily to think above and beyond what we can currently see. We're here to positively impact the music production community.

Lo-Fly Dirt is only a glimpse in some really beautiful things we're doing here at MSXII. For the few reasons I've listed above and many more that I won't, I simply hopes this helps. We're super grateful for the opportunity to serve you all with what we do. MSXII is family. So many of you all that are supporters have become friends over the years...and we've been listening to you. Right now, our hearts are set on iOS mobile music production and we will continue to put energy here amongst other things.

Please enjoy Lo-Fly Dirt and as always...stay with us. To further prove the viability of it all, check out my man Miccheckmate showing you how easy it is to work with a free app such as Garageband on your phone with Lo-Fly Dirt. Don't schleeeep.



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