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MSXII iOS App Tutorial Series - Latching Fly Tape

Posted on 24 May 2018

Like most apps, vsts, DAWs, and other music tools, there's never the "perfect" solution. Most of the best music is/was made with products in which users had to lock into learning that gear/software and allow it to push them to new things. Our intention with Fly Tape was to make this a performance app--first. However, once we delivered Fly Tape, there's been countless requests for a "latching" option. While we have plans for updates that will continue to enhance Fly Tape, we wanted to give you some ideas that will open up your creativity. We figured, why not start with a way to "latch" Fly Tape within Beatmaker 3 (one of our main testing grounds)? In our MSXII iOS App Tutorial Series, our fam Jay Ellyiot will be honing in on some key things we think you'll enjoy, be challenged by, and also cause you to look at our apps in unique ways you may not have considered previously. Anything shown here is how we approach our own apps as producers! Much more to come so enjoy!

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  • Luke : June 03, 2018

    Cool thanks

  • Jay Ellyiot: May 27, 2018

    Hey Luke! Another way to latch on the effect without hearing the dry signal mixed with the tape. Instead of the aux channel, just add fly tape to the channel you would like the effect on. Follow the same steps going go the AU knobs section. Turn lofi on, select which ever mode.. Now you should be able to hear only the effect added to the channel. And if you want to turn the effect on/off now, just bypass the effect in the FX window. Hope this helps man!

  • Luke: May 25, 2018

    But there’s no way of ONLY hearing the send. It only gets MIXED in with the original track. So if you want for example a pure stutter gated effect you’ll never get it as you’ll always have the original track mixed in.

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