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Madlib Producing with Chomplr from MSXII Sound Design

Madlib Producing with Chomplr from MSXII Sound Design



As we continue to navigate territory in this space, it's always great to see how users are connecting with our suite of iOS apps. Today, we've got a clip of our fam Madlib using Chomplr in a Pitchfork mini-series in which he and Kaytranada are vibing out as they prepare for a new release of music together.


Otis can be seen using our iOS app, Chomplr in the clip around the 3:00 min mark. It's been no secret that Madlib is a heavy iOS advocate--stating that he recently produced all of he and Freddie Gibbs' "Bandana" on iOS entirely. Additionally, there have been many more statements regarding he and his iOS production floating around the interwebs you can easily find. 



We're appreciative of O choosing to rock with our apps as we know there are 1000s of great options to make music on iOS. We hope you see the same value in what we do, not because of this, but simply due to the quality of work we provide in the community. 


While there's so much more we could say, we'll continue on pressing toward the future of music creation. We hope that you'll be encouraged to use whatever works for you! Don't sleep on platforms and devices that haven't quite hit your radar based on your favorite producers not co-signing yet. Dope is dope. And this was dope. 


You can get our apps here:


Via Pitchfork:

Pitchfork is pleased to announce Driven by Sound, a new two-part documentary series featuring Madlib and KAYTRANADA, created in partnership with Lexus IS Wax. The series will feature the two producers in conversation about their individual connections to vinyl as a physical medium, and how it impacts their music. It also includes a behind the scenes look at the creation of the Lexus IS Wax Edition: a custom car with a functional in-car turntable. Watch the first part of the series below; part two arrives March 15.

Madlib and KAYTRANADA have also connected to produce a special bonus 7" that will be included in select Vinyl Me, Please member shipments in April.


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