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MSXII Sound Design is proud to present, Joints Off iOS Vol. 1. This beat-tape selection, produced by msimp, was entirely made on the iPad using various apps, mobile peripherals, mobile monitors, and interfaces. Enjoy, download, share, and reach out if you have questions or are interested in using anything. We thought it'd be dope to share some of the processes with you as well, so peep some of the select excerpts from the Beatmaker 3 sessions on various tracks. Enjoy!

1. The Revolution:

Simply was going for an intro track here to kick off the tape. Wanted to bring in an outside voice to intro the record + some Gil Scott-Heron for emphasis on our journey in iOS. Layered numerous drums here from Wavs From Wakanda, Fouler 808s, The Mindset Kit (via an MSXII pack w/Beatmaker 3 called "The Fly Life") and other random percussion from Sammich Kit 9.

The audio recorder within the sampler of Beatmaker 3 is quick, to the point, and is always available when you need to bring something in. This is used a ton.

2. iConnect

Possibly my favorite joint on here. Really wanted to give this record a vocal focus. Snatched a sample from our Voices of Wakanda pack, looped it, played it as an instrument and allowed it to remain the focal point throughout the track. Beatmaker 3 has a great sidechain set up in their compressors. Let the kick duck this sample to create a bit of push/pull as seen in the photo below. Finally, programmed some laid back drums, filtered bassline, and Lo-Fly Dirt in 1200 mode slightly blanketing the entire mix.


3. Tape Dreams & Passion

Really simple idea here. Just wanted a left-field record without a snare. This was the result...haha. Voices of Wakanda vox samples, Juno 106 leads played in, Moog Model D app for low end graced with Lo-Fly Dirt's default mode for upmph.

 4. A Time For Everything

This record started with some rhodes vibe chords from Tines made by Klevegrand. Touched this up by adding their DAW Cassette plugin & Lo-Fly Dirt underneath. That's what all that noise & ringing on the low end is. [[pro tip: That's a crazy combo as well!]] Layered more, actual rhodes from our Mark II 88 and blended with some slight chorus and octave/pitch shifty stuff from Audio Damage's Adverb2 & Discord4. Love this joint. Schlump Loops holding down the groove.

5. Goals To Meet

Imported this sample from our Lofi Melodics series via Dropbox and built the groove with Schlump Loops around it. I think I was showing someone how to make music on the iPad when this was made so I was working quickly. Built a quirky sound from an imported vocal recorded and played it at a higher pitch. Love the vibe, felt like a good ending to the record. Lo-Fly Dirt eating high-end on master channel in 404 filter mode. 


Big salute to Intua, Audio Damage, Klevgrand, AudioKitPro, CME, Moog, Korg, Akai, IK Multimedia, iConnectivity, Native Instruments, and many more pushing the iOS movement.  

All tracks produced on iPad Pro 12.9" 512 GB (late 2017), via Komplete Audio 6/iConnectivity Audio 4+ Interfaces, CME xKey 25 & Akai MPK mini controllers & mixed via IK Multimedia iLoud monitors. 


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