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MSX Nation: Danny Sky

Posted on 24 January 2016

MSX Nation member Danny Sky sheds a bit of light on his track "Believe It" and his workflow using MSXII Sound Design products.  Peep below!

MSXII: The track sounds real sample heavy, what did you use?

Danny Sky: Yes it is, I hope I don't get in hot waters for it but those who know the record know what it is. I'm just starting out so I really don't know much about sample clearance or anything.

MSXII: Did you use anything from MSXII Sound Design?

DS: Yes I did.  The drums are all MSXii.  The Dusty Drums and the Sammich Kits are the go-to drums when I'm making a new beat.  In this beat I used Yates Clap, Hayes Kick, the Dark Hatzz and the Open Hat K, all from the Dusty Drums Vol. 1.

MSXII: Describe the process of building this record...

DS: I was listening to records one day and came across this ill intro.  I sped the record up to 45 rpms to make the tempo faster and what I heard was amazing.  As soon as I started playing along with the MSXII drum kits, it was a wrap.  I did it the classic way, sampling the record into the MPC, sequencing in the MPC and then tracking out into Logic.  I gave it more structure by adding Electric Piano and Delicate Bells from Logic for the chorus.  Sometimes I use the Synth Immaculate but I couldn't find a fit for this record.

MSXII: What is your workflow process?

DS: I listen to records, play along with MSXII drums, and see if I find something.  That's it! I try to keep it simple.  Whenever I can't find anything after a long day of digging, I'll pull up some sample packs like the Soulful Stems or Rhodes and Vibes, chop those up, and I'll come up with something that SOUNDS like something I would sample off a record!

MSXII: Anything else you want to say?

DS: Yes, shoutout to the people at the MSXII Sound Design. Before, I was just using stock drums that were out-dated and really I would never finish beats cause they were nothing like what I wanted my beats to sound like.  With MSXII drum kits and sample packs, the QUALITY of my beats are much higher and more professional, taking my production to a whole other level.  They also cure many beat-blocks.  And the nice thing about MSXII sample packs is that they're royalty free--no copyright infringement or any of that.  The end result is an original composition that leaves me at ease with a fresh new beat!

MSXII: Where can people go to follow your music?

DS: Follow my Soundcloud -  soundcloud.com/dannysky1 
I just put out an instrumental mixtape on Bandcamp, check it out at dannysky.bandcamp.com/releases 
Instagram: DannySky__
I like to buy beats too so if you got some heat send me some links!

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