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To Nudge or Not?

Posted on 12 May 2016

Briefly we wanted to leave with a description on how to get your tracks to swing and also show you in application.  Getting swing in your tracks can be done in NUMEROUS ways, but a tried and true method can be to simply change the timing of a few notes. Sometimes this is most notably done by adjusting an element in your drums...ie; hats, snare placement, or even the kick.  In the example below, let's look at a shot from the video that shows the original program and it's "rigidness."

Original programmed beat

In this example, you can see all of the note elements (kick, hats, snare, clicks) are aligned with gridlines indicating MAD QUANTIZE!  While there is nothing wrong with this type of production, it sometimes will not feel "human" and not covey that neck breaking swing we love.  With just a few simple adjustments to the placement of these notes within a 4/4 time signature, we can achieve that "vibe" we're looking for as shown below...

Adjusted notes in the beat

With just a slight offset of the CLK2, BB2 Perc 5, BB2 Hhat 11, and BB Snare 1, you can easily see (and hear) the difference it makes in the track.  This took all of 2 minutes to accomplish, but now it opens up creativity when moving on to program things like bass, leads, and other key elements.  Remember, just trust your ears!

Peep this example from our "Slum Donuts" release.  Check the timing of the hats against a click!


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